Founding made-to-measure and turnkey companies in Prague is a convenient alternative for those who aim to be the first owners and secretaries of the company and who wish to have lower initial costs. Founding Companies Prague – Praha | When founding a turnkey company literally made-to-measure the new owner pays only administrative costs and expenses … More FOUNDING COMPANIES Prague


Companies belonging to the Shelf companies category were founded only in order to be sold subsequently. The price of a shelf company is CZK 15 900 SHELF COMPANY Prague Czech republic A company of this kind has had no business activity so far, but it is already registered in the company register. Therefore the company … More SHELF COMPANIES Prague


The company Firmy Praha s.r.o. offers a provision of a registration seat of a company in Prague together with services of a virtual office, from 199 CZK per month. The stated solution is convenient not only for companies, but also for natural persons – sole traders. This service contents: Virtual offices Prague (Praha) Giving permission … More VIRTUAL OFFICES Prague

Working in Prague

The Czech capital is one of Europe’s most beautiful historic cities and a booming urban economy. You’ll get the best of both worlds as an expat working in Prague. InterNations has all the vital info for those of you interested in working in Prague — from work permits to taxation, we cover it all!

Living in Prague

Many expats dream of living in Prague, and for good reason! Reasonable living costs, excellent international schooling, and a great infrastructure — there’s a lot that makes living there attractive. Our guide has all the basic info — from healthcare to schooling — that will come in handy for expats living in Prague.

Moving to Prague

Moving to Prague, the “Golden City” and Central European boomtown, has been popular with expatriates for years. Want to find out why? Read our InterNations Expat Guide on moving to Prague! From residential areas and rent prices to visa types — we have all the necessary info for your move.